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you're pathetic omg cockles or whatever are only WORK ''friends'' j2 are best friends and it has more possibilities to be in a relationship lol you must be really upset because j2 shippers are getting more pictures and not that cockles shit hahah ;)



First of all, what makes you think that you can come to my blog and to tell me all this nonsense bullshit? Oh god.


I don’t undestand that ”work friends” thing that you said. Okay.. um, before coming to my inbox you should inform better about Cockles stuff. If they’re only work friends why Misha was with West at Jensen’s garden when he took his first steps, or why Rich casually mentioned that they were together when Rob has his stroke so they went to the hospital together, or why Misha tweeted the famous ”shirtless” picture of Jensen’s eye when they were drinking alone together and the others were at the karaoke with the fans and then Jared tweeted Misha to “stop being gay and come hang out”, or why Jensen and Misha pass notes during their autographs, or why people mention how they flirt during the photo ops, or why Jensen snuggled Misha during his autographs at jib4 when there were only few people in the room, or why Osric said that Jensen and Misha go to dinner together a lot, or why Jensen gave Misha his ring, or lets talk about why Jensen and Misha had dinner and walk around rome at night together, or when they went to the nascar together, or why Jensen brightened up visibly when Misha got there”, oh and… why Jensen makes the same face when talking about Misha as he does when talking about Danneel?

With this I’m not saying that Jared and Jensen are not best friends i mean of course they are wtf but that doesn’t mean that Jensen and Misha are not close, because they are. Have you ever seen their panels and how happy and comfortable Jensen is when he’s around Misha? Damnit, you can’t just change that.

I’m not upset because we’re getting pictures of J2, on the contrary, I’m happy! I love seeing them together and so close as best friends. 

I don’t undestand why most not all of the j2 shippers are so rude and disrespectful. I respect most of the ships and the shippers, because you can ship whatever you want but I can also ship whatever I want and you must respect it.

Sorry for my bad English btw.


Pocket!Martin Collection (now 52 types, could be added more later.)

Honestly, it’s not 100% completed and I’ll release complete version about 2 months later. 

Please don’t repost / upload other site or SNS.


Once again….beautiful work



How to work the red carpet, by Benedict Cumberbatch. 



How to work the red carpet, by Benedict Cumberbatch. 



Sherlock read-throughs.


My dad built me this TARDIS bookshelf over the past few months; never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that he would go into such detail and put so much effort into it. The interior has 5 shelves, with opening doors and four glass windows along with a blue light on the top and yellow lights lining the exterior. I picked out the paint color and painted the whole thing along with the sign, which I painted by hand. Thanks Dad, I’ll never forget this <3